Let's make the fashion industry more sustainable!

We care about the environment and we want to make the fashion industry & online shopping more sustainable in every way we can - From the first step where the bodystockings are made to the final step where your webshop order is shipped to you.

We are proud to tell you that all of The Bodystocking's products are manufactured in Europe (Estonia & Serbia). We have chosen to have our products made in these two European countries to ensure that the women that cut and sew our bodysuits are working under good circumstances, are paid well and have fair working hours.
Furthermore most of our fabric selection is woven and knitted in Europe as well. We buy fabrics from Italy, Greece, The Netherlands & UK.

It's important for us to prioritize the highest quality of materials for the most used part of the product to ensure the products long lifetime in your closet. Therefore all of our bodysuits are closed with two press buttons from the German quality-known company, PRYM. The buttons are of course stainless and nickel free.

We use recycled plastic for our shipping bags.
The bags are made of LDPE plastic that converts to carbon dioxide and water when you throw it out in the trash and it ends at the incineration. The foil that is left over in production (ex. excess oil from the production start) is collected and converted into plastic once again, instead of being destroyed. This makes our shipping bags made of 100% recycled plastic foil.
Our shipping bags are manufactured in a Danish factory and contains no heavy metals or environmentally hazardous substances.
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